Office Drama Queens

I hate drama. Now I’m not talking about the kind found between the pages of a good book, or played out on the silver screen. No I am referring to work place drama. And those who try to stir it up.
I have one woman in my office who feels my life should be completely open to her. I’m sorry I’m not some book that you can scan the pages of looking for some juicy tidbit. 

Take today for example. She’s standing near my desk when my phone rings. I’m fairly busy, both working and ignoring her. The conversation following was priceless:

Her: Your phone rang. 

Me: Yes, they tend to do that from time to time. 

Her: Arn’t you going to check who called?

Me: No. 

Her: Why?

Me: Because I don’t want someone to listen in on my conversations. You know how nosy people are. 

Her: Oh my god. Who? I have to know. 

It took all my self control not to face palm myself right in front of her. 


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