Removing the Filter

Sometime here recently I removed my filter. You know that thing that keeps you from saying something completely out of line or totally inappropriate. Yeah that thing. Well I took it out, and after some inspection found some pretty gaping holes. So I didn’t put it back. I’m to the point were I don’t care about having one. So I decided to try something new. A life without filters.

I sit in a park right now writing this first blog, not knowing where life is heading. Is it worrisome? Yes. Does it bother me? Not as much as I thought. Kids are playing without a care in the world. Then it dawned on me. Kids for the most part are happy. And guess what they haven’t developed yet. A filter.

Yes I know. It’s a pretty thin argument. But think about this. How much of our lives are spent modifying ourselves or our views for other people. And for what end. Acceptance? Little good that will do you if you’re miserable at the end of the day.

So this is the first step in a journey of who knows how many. No more filters. No more touch ups on photos. No more changing who I am unless it’s for me. Let’s go for honest and real.

It’s time to be honest with myself and with others, and in true over the top fashion I’ve decided to blog this entire train wreck. At least it should be interesting.


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